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Vocational Training

Inmates can have new dream and confidence.
We are conducting practical vocational training courses ranging from the traditional industry to the state-of-the-art industry to help inmates land a stable and decent job after being released from the prison.

Vocational Training

Current Status of Vocational Training

We are running vocational training courses for 54 occupations during the period of six months to two years. Occupations include car mechanic, technicians and information and technology professionals. In addition, Cheongju WomenĄŻs Correctional Institution, Yeoju Correctional Institution and Daegu Correctional Institution are designated as institutions for female inmate vocational training.

Participation in Skill Contests

We select outstanding inmates among those who completed vocational training and have them participate in skill contests. They have been getting excellent results in regional and nationwide skill contests.


Volunteering Activities

Volunteering Activities

Nunbit Nanum Volunteering Group

Korea Correctional Service is operating Nunbit Nanum Volunteering Group which opened a vocational training course of braille translator to design and distribute braille books for visually impaired students.
While they make braille books for cultural books currently, they will be further expanded to academic materials such as mathematics and music books.

Field Trip and Volunteering Activities

Inmates are given with opportunities to recover their self esteem and raise ability to adapt to the society by visiting industrial facilities, orphanages and nursing homes.

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