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Welcome to Korea Correctional Service.

Commissioner of Korea Correctional Service
Korea Correctional Service is set to open a new horizon of corrections under the banner of High-class Correctional Administration, Dignified Correctional Service.

We will realize warm correctional service that delivers hope.
Inmates are the ones who are separated from the society but will eventually return to the society as a responsible member and will become our neighbor. Korea Correctional Service will embrace with warm heart and encourage them to dream for the future.

We will promote scientific correctional administration based on a thorough analysis.
Based on an objective analysis, we will enhance quality of the treatment programs for inmates and prevent second convictions by executing scientific correctional administration.

We will realize a correctional administration that can earn trust from the public.
We will guarantee honest and righteous correctional officers, transparent correctional administration and clean and incorrupt organization. Beyond striving for better correctional service for prisoners, we will play a critical role in assuring safety of the society.

We will work for the society with a sense of pride.
With a sense of pride that we are the agents of executing high class correctional administration, we will work hard for the country as a responsible correctional officer.

I want to ask for your support and encouragement so that Korea Correctional Service can successfully fulfill the promises stated above.

Hakseong KIM, S.J.D

Commissioner of Korea Correctional Service

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