Korea Correctional Service

Welcome to Korea Correctional Service

Korea Correctional Service builds a bridge filled with hope for those who come out from the darkness to the bright future!

Corrections serve as a last resort to protect our society. At the same time, they provide hope for inmates who try to start anew.


Korea Correctional Service improves public safety by confining offenders in the correctional facilities and providing offenders with rehabilitation programmes, education, vocational training and other self-improvement opportunities to assist offenders in becoming law-abiding citizens.

Vision & Goals

High-class Correctional Administration, Dignified Correctional Service

Warm Correctional Service That Delivers Hope
Expanding Correctional Programs for Self Development
Establishing a System That Can Enable Stable Return to the Society
Improving & Prison Environment Where Human Dignity is Guaranteed for Inmates
Correctional Administration Based on a Scientific Basis
Establishing a Planning and Research System Needed for Scientific Correctional Administration
Operating Result-oriented Policies
Responding to Environmental Changes Preemptively
Correctional Administration Earning Trust of the Public
Establishing Strict Correctional Orders to Ease Citizens¡¯ Anxiety
Realizing a Correctional Administration Geared for Citizens
Spreading a Culture of Sharing and Volunteering within the Community
Improving the Public Awareness of Corrections
Correctional Administration That Can Boost Self-esteem of Officers
Pushing Ahead with the Organization¡¯s Future Development Strategies Continuously
Strengthening Correctional Officers¡¯ Abilities to Successfully Conduct Their Given Tasks
Creating a Healthy and Pleasant Working Environment